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My name is Jack, and I am a Marketing Director located in Nashville, TN. I manage accounts/partnerships while also leading all marketing initiatives for the agency I work at! I'm now looking to bring my talents to what I love most: Sports

Who I Am

An expert on modern marketing, a natural relationship builder, and a lover of analytics. I started my career in social media after graduating from Samford University, and have since transitioned from selling social media ads to now being a marketing consultant for all digital avenues. I love to learn, I love enveloping myself in a community (work, school, city, etc.), and I'm excited to start a new chapter in my life. 


Marketing is a broad industry and is utilized by every business in a different way. My role allows me the freedom to meet my clients where they are and fit their specific needs. Because of this, I have developed a wide variety of skills!

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Account Management

The primary aspect of my role is managing accounts/partnerships. I am the sole point of contact for 15 of our clients and manage more than $300,000 in yearly revenue for Uptick. Some clients are international, recognizable businesses and others are small and local to Birmingham, Alabama. My ability to build a unique relationship with each of my clients is what I am most proud of.

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Paid Advertising

I spend >10 hours weekly in ad platforms analyzing performance and areas for potential growth. The two main platforms I am in the most are Google and Meta but have been certified in many others as well. Reporting is a big part of my responsibilities, and being an expert in these advertising platforms is essential for providing accurate info and recommendations to my clients.

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Social Media Management

As our newly appointed Marketing Director, one of my responsibilities includes managing our own social media accounts. I have also done this for a previous employer and love creating quality content. Check out @uptickmktg on Instagram for some of our latest creations (the Domino's post is my favorite). 

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