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Ad Creation/Strategy:
The Onin Group

The Onin Group is a $100 million company in the staffing industry. They entrusted us with running some ad campaigns with the intent to get in front of blue-collar workers and let them know there are better jobs out there.

The plan for these ads was to evoke emotion and get the message in a familiar space so that it's more memorable/relatable. This was a big hit, and we have turned this project into a multi-year campaign with different messages and ads (23 million impressions, 30k post reactions).

As the consultant on the account, I lead our production team as we created the ads and I am the liaison between our team and theirs. 



Account Management:
Avanti Polar Lipids

Avanti Polar Lipids is Uptick's largest account and was acquired by Croda International 3 years ago for $260 million, in part due to their success from our advertising efforts.

Avanti has been a client for 5+ years and Uptick has entrusted me with their account. We do a little bit of everything for them, and in Q2 of this year, they had their best month ever!


Social Media Management:
Uptick Marketing

After years of finding little value in social media for ourselves, Uptick's Instagram,  LinkedIn, and Facebook were given to me to take control of in my new role as Marketing Director. We had a hard time finding engagement from anyone outside of employees and friends, but since the Fall of last year (when I took over), we have brought in two new clients via social media, which is something we have never done before.

The engagement and follower count has gone up, but not substantially yet. The most important thing to me was that we focus on quality content, posting for the correct audience, and positioning ourselves as a leader in the industry locally. Check out the latest posts @uptickmktg


Marketing Director:

Jared Hudson for Sheriff

In the fall of 2022, a client of mine referred me to Jared Hudson, who was planning a political campaign to run for Sheriff of Jefferson County, Alabama. I pitched, sold, and directed all creative for their Facebook campaign with a budget of $100,000.

His competition was running for re-election, and without attacking the current sheriff, wanted to run a campaign to suggest a change was needed in the city. We did this by highlighting objective crime statistics and sent them to a landing page for everyone to get to know Jared and his beliefs.

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